19 – Spring Break, part 1

This year for spring break, we decided to pony up the cash and participate in an organized IUSD tour across the Southwest US. We left from Irvine yesterday morning and arrived at our overnight accomodations in Tempe, but since there wasn’t really much to see there (other than the awesome hotel pools), I don’t have any pictures. I did go for a pretty hot run in the afternoon, so my next run will probably be tomorrow or the day after.

Today, we left Tempe and headed to Montezuma Castle, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. I’m typing this right now from our hotel at the Grand Canyon, but seriously, it’s still SNOWING outside, so we weren’t at the park for very long before our tour guide decided that we’ll just return in the morning. Suffice it to say, we didn’t plan for snow and we didn’t bring clothes for snow…

Pictures from today are below:

I’m really glad I bought a circular polarizer because it really helps with the skies and the added contrast.

I’m also glad we went on this tour because otherwise, there’s really no way we’d ever visit Montezuma Castle. We weren’t here for very long, but it’s pretty out of the way and not significant enough on a normal itinerary to make a trip out here. It is quite amazing though and if we were here longer, I would have taken more pictures and I would have read more about the history of the place.

After Montezuma Castle, we drove to Sedona and stopped by Bell Rock.

This was a very neat stop, and I definitely wish we stayed a lot longer. For that matter, I wish I had about half a day here because there were mountain bikers coming back from a trail…and wherever there mountain bikes, there is likely a good off-road running trail! 

Sedona…well…was a tourist trap. We had lunch there and walked around downtown, and there just wasn’t anything that would interest me – probably because I’m not a new age follower nor do I believe in the healing power of crystals.

After Sedona, we drove through the hills and cliffs (where I stayed quite puckered) and ended up at the Grand Canyon…where we were initially greeted with hail, but then this became snow. 

Tomorrow, we leave for Monument Valley, Cameron, and Kayenta – where we’ll go off-roading in 4×4’s in the afternoon. 


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