17 – trail run


Yesterday, I went on a trail run to Red Rock Canyon in Lake Forest. What was intended to be a 10-mile run ended up being a 6-mile run with plenty of frustration.

I got lost. Many times.

My Garmin Vivoactive doesn’t have an app that allows me to easily navigate a path – which is something I always had in my Forerunner 205 and 310XT.

I installed the dynamicWatch app on my Vivoactive and uploaded a 10-mile path, but the stupid map didn’t give me useful guidance – just a full picture of my set path (in useless 100% zoom) with no ability to tell me if I was off path or going in the wrong direction! Useless. I don’t want to have to wear two watches – my old 205 for path guidance and my current Vivoactive for statistics…

I easily spent half of my time walking around and figuring out my bearings and determining if I should keep running in one direction or turn around so I at least knew where I could be.

Let’s put it this way – when I was in the Army and in Basic Training, I failed Land Navigation. Twice. My drill sergeant had to help me out so I could barely pass. I really really really depend on GPS when I’m somewhere new.

Anyway, yesterday, I did about 1200 feet of elevation gain in six miles. Horrible pace though (12:00/mile), but honestly, I also had to deal with about 1200 feet of elevation loss on slippery trails with plenty of loose and round rocks – excellent rolled ankle fodder.


Anyway, here’s a requisite selfie:


With all of the rain here in Socal lately, all of the open areas are unbelievably green.
Edit: ok, I just read the instructions for dwMap (the app I downloaded onto my Vivoactive). It was a user error – I could have zoomed in but I didn’t. Doh!!!


2 thoughts on “17 – trail run

  1. The developer didn’t follow Garmin UI standards. I was used to pressing the menu button or tapping the screen to change something on the display…but this developer added a ‘swipe’ function, which honestly, I didn’t even know my watch supported…

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