16 – travel

My first business trip of the year took me to Melbourne, FL, for a week of meetings and general lack of productivity after normal business hours. It didn’t help that I had an oceanfront suite:


…or that I didn’t have a real ‘desk’ in the room, but rather, two beds with a LOT of pillows:


Seriously – have you ever wondered where pillows go to die? They go to oceanfront suites in Florida. I had a total of ten pillows for two beds, and there were four more in the closet. Who needs THAT MANY PILLOWS? The surplus of beds and pillows led to lots of lying down and staring at my laptop – a real desk or table with a lamp should be a mandatory addition to every hotel room:


The combination of being generally sedentary during the day and lots of food (breakfast buffet combined with business dinners) did not help:


The above is a picture of the Meg O’Malley’s Irish Trinity – bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and Irish stew – in the background, the first of two pints of Killian’s Red.

Luckily, the Crowne Plaza Melbourne has a pretty nice gym. I worked out three times during my week there. I’d start with a 5K at 7:00/mile on the dreadmill and follow with several reps – rows, overheads, curls, triceps, and bench presses. This is probably the only gym selfie I’ll ever take:


I’ve found that as I get older, overeating leaves me feeling horrible, so I have to balance it out with a workout. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to go outside and run while in Melbourne since the beach sand is not conducive to running and there are no sidewalks next to the hotel. There are some fairly long causeways with decent elevation gain that connect Idialantic to Melbourne, so maybe next time, I’ll drive out and run over and back across the causeway.

Anway, after a week, I was so glad to come home. I also played it smart and decided to fly directly to Melbourne instead of Orlando, which, of all of the airports I’ve ever been to, is probably second worst – but mainly due to ALL OF THE TOURISTS and Disney fanboys…and I get to stop in Atlanta and depending on how long the layover is, lets me get good Southern food.


Most photos were taken with my LG V10 phone, and the two B&W images were taken with the Pentax Q10, which once again never left the hotel room.

The V10 takes *excellent* pictures and I’m tempted to sell the Q10, but I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll regret it since it’s such a great small camera


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