13 – sold!

So with all of my internal dialogue and watched auctions, I ended up doing something I didn’t even know I was going to do: I sold my 40/2.8 Limited lens.


The pancake is currently in transit to its new owner in Quebec, where hopefully, it won’t be a bag queen, but will actually find a way to make the most of its 60mm effective FoV.

In its place, I had many things on my watch list: a Sigma 30/1.4, Tamron 28-75, Pentax 21/3.2…but at the end of the day, I ended up not getting new camera gear because honestly, the combination of the Sigma 50/2.8 and the DA 18-50 are already quite good for my needs.



I’m going to concentrate on this kit and working with it. 50/2.8 is a cracker of a lens, and the 18-50 is a great all-purpose and compact zoom. All pics in this post were with the Sigma 50/2.8, all SOOC jpeg.

So, I started looking at a bunch of other crap that I don’t need…but then I thought about the things that I do really kind of depend on but annoy the crap out of me, and honestly, my current phone annoys me the most.

My previous phone (LG G3) crapped out after HARD use – honestly, I probably installed a new ROM on it once a week and I did everything you could think of with that phone – lots of gaming and lots of media consumption…but after a year, what killed it was a dead sim card reader, which required prompt replacement with the cheapest solution available – a Moto G4 Play with Amazon ads.

The G4 Play is a serviceable device – it does everything I need it to do, but it doesn’t do a lot of things well.

Good navigation? Out the door because the combination of lack of magnetometer and poor GPS reception results in Waze or Google Maps constantly not knowing where I was. Many times, I can be on the road, but Waze will think I’m somewhere else altogether…

Media playback? Audio was barebones and had no good EQ setting. Music just didn’t sound good. VERY flat. Video? with a 5″ 720p screen, it was ok, but not awesome.

Bluetooth? Yes…but it wasn’t reliable. My Vivoactive watch constantly loses connection and bluetooth frequently just turns off. I’m pretty sure it’s not macrodroid doing this because I don’t have any macros for Bluetooth during the day, though I do have an 11:00 PM Bluetooth shutdown macro…The phone also doesn’t automatically connect to my Blaupunkt head unit in my Civic, but Shannon’s phone does…

Battery life? meh. I can get 3hrs on a normal day. 3hrs to me is acceptable though.

Worst part of the phone: it never switched between LTE/HSPA+/3G. It was ALWAYS on LTE, even when the HSPA+ signal was significantly better. I had to manually switch networks myself, which is very annoying.

So, with the money from the lens, I bought a replacement phone and the Moto G4 Play will be a backup – because we will never know when a phone will crap out…

When I get my new phone…I may write about it…


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