11 – LBA

Yesterday, I learned what LBA stands for: Lens Buy Addiction. I think I need an intervention…

So I’m still on the fence with the 40mm focal length.

I calibrated the AF (+3), and sure enough, it’s very sharp wide-open, so all of the epic stories about its sharpness on the Interwebs are somewhat validated by my observation. However, I just don’t have a good feel for 40mm.


Sure, it’s a nice and tight FoV, but it lets in just a little bit more environment than the 50mm FoV when using the APS-C crop. I owned the DA 35/2.4 lens, and it’s just a *little* wider than the 40, but I sold the 35/2.4 since I did prefer a tighter crop.

However, now that I have a slightly tighter crop with the 40 and a nice tight FoV with the 50, now the 40 and 50 are almost redundant. What I really need is a wider view – on crop, ideally between 21mm and 30mm.


In this range, I have several choices for autofocus lenses:

  1. Pentax DA 21/3.2 Limited
  2. Sigma 24/2.8 (very hard to find)
  3. Sigma 28/2.8 (very hard to find)
  4. Pentax-F 28/2.8
  5. Pentax-FA 28/2.8
  6. Sigma 28/1.8 macro
  7. Sigma 30/1.4

In 4/3 mount, I’ve owned the Sigma 30/1.4 – which required significant AF adjustment on my Oly E-620. However, on a 2x crop sensor, that was equivalent to 60mm, which is what I’m getting with the 40/2.8 on the APS-C sensor…which explains why I’m not so fond of it. If I had a favorite focal length on 4/3 and m4/3 (other than the 35/3.5 macro), it was from the Sigma 19/2.8, which was equivalent to 38mm. So, any of the 28mm lenses will get me 42mm. The 24 will get me closest at 36mm.

LBA? Check.

Truthfully, if I just got a sharp constant-aperture zoom, I’d be good too…so the Sigma 18-50/2.8 would be a good buy, but then, I already have the Pentax 18-50/4-5.6 WR lens, which isn’t constant aperture, but it’s pretty good outdoors and it’s compact and waterproof.

Why, oh why, did I sell the DA* 16-50/2.8??? I’m back to square one!


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