09 – Holiday


Today was the first holiday for 2016 – mere weeks after just getting back from the end of the year holiday. We had contemplated going back to Wrightwood or heading to the Lululemon outlet in Camarillo, but I threw out my back this morning…from bending down to pick up one of the kids’ scooters!

My back still hurts, but at least we had good reasons to stay home – Matty had to work on his science project and I had an opportunity to install the new speakers in the Civic.


But, we did get a chance to play for a bit in the afternoon. Matty always finds a wall to bounce his handball off of and Sara…well…she climbs.


All pics SOOC jpeg using the Pentax DA 40/28 Limited. I’m still trying to adjust to the focal length. It’s not ‘normal’ and it’s not short-tele. I dunno. 60mm EFL is a bit weird.

I also think the lens back-focuses on the body, but haven’t had many opportunities to truly calibrate it correctly.


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