05 – commute


I was getting close to a post-a-day for 2017, but I wasn’t aiming for it…and last night, even though I intentionally took pictures, I just didn’t get online after dinner.

Anyway, I had taken pictures of the inside of my car…before my drive back home.

I drive about 15 minutes each way on surface streets. Realistically, it’s about five miles by road. If I took the bike trail, the shortest distance is 4.3 miles, so technically, it would be shorter to ride in to work, which I’ve done a handful of times. I’ve also ran to work many times too. The downside with either of these options is that I get sweaty and need to take a shower when I arrive in the office, so even if I leave home at 7:30 or so, I’m actually not working until about 8:45 – 9:00. But, if I drive and leave home at 8:00, my butt is at my desk no later than 8:15. So, as much as it pains me, I drive in.

My Civic’s gas mileage has tanked as a result – I’m lucky to get @200 miles to a tank, but then again, I’m filling up every three weeks instead of once or twice a week, when I was commuting from Irvine to Fullerton.

Anyway, over the years, we’ve noticed the sound quality degrade dramatically…Shannon requested a ‘louder’ system, so I happily obliged by upgrading the head unit to a double-DIN Blaupunkt unit that looks really OEM.


We ordered from Crutchfield and the install instructions and all of the equipment was there and honestly, it was quite easy to install. There’s a nice boost in audio, but now, my speakers need to be upgraded…so once they have another sale or awesome coupon code, I’ll replace all of the speakers.

My commute is so short, I’d be lucky to finish four complete songs – if I don’t fast forward through them. I can’t even listen to an entire Morning Edition on NPR…


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