04 – limits


I went back to work today (after two+ weeks of vacation) and came back home and surprised my kids with an impromptu snapshot using the Q10 (I have it tucked away in my bag). I took a few other shots in color, and honestly, I didn’t like how they looked.

To my eyes, the small sensor of the Q10 limits the rendition of its color output when used at high ISO, which is fine because I really like the B&W output anyway.

I saw a deal for a Ricoh GRD4 on the DPR Buy/Sell forum and quickly entertained trading in the Q10 for the GRD4, but then, after owning a GRD3, realized that the fixed 28mm lens on a small sensor camera would really annoy me after a while.

I don’t consider myself to be a “street shooter” – I don’t want to take pictures of strangers. Other than pictures of my ugly mug and my family, I really like still life and unique perspectives on ordinary things. Anyway, the benefit of the Ricoh GR cameras has always been the ability to “snap focus” which allows for predefined focus distances – this is great for quick shots and being unnoticed. Unfortunately, this is not something I care for.

I. love. autofocus.

As much as I’d love to own a Leica M, I don’t know if I would have the patience for rangefinder manual focus or for parallax. I mean, I had to deal with parallax with the Fuji X100s, and I ended up reverting to the EVF even though the OVF was pretty awesome.

Well…if I won the lottery, maybe I’d splurge on a Leica M Monochrom, a Summilux-M 35/1.4 and a Noctilux-M 50/0.95.

Maybe a Leica Q.

My imagination and dreams of conspicuous consumption have no limits…


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