01 -Glimpse



The Q10 is great for catching brief glimpses of what I’m seeing. Sure – I can probably get a similar candid capture using the camera on my phone, but the act of contemplating an image and framing it and actually capturing it using a device whose sole purpose is to do just that – makes it a learning experience.

In this case, I’m learning about effective focal length, capturing contrasting tonality, and conveying a specific mood using a palette of black, white, and varying shades of gray.

I captured the two pictures yesterday – 01 January 2017 – using my Q10. When I want to capture colors and greater dynamic range, I’ll use the K-3:


The above picture is SOOC, using the Reversal Film filter. I had tweaked the RAW using RawTherapee, but to my eyes, the SOOC looked better.

2017 is starting to be a SOOC jpeg kind of year!


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