31 – Last for 2016


This is the last post and the last selfie for 2016. It’s almost midnight. Kids couldn’t stay up past 10 PM and Shannon needed to sleep to wake up early to teach a class tomorrow.

I decided not to have a glass of scotch to ring in the year. I made an ice cream sandwich and I’m finishing off a glass of water. I’ll sleep soon after midnight.

I’ve taken quite a few selfies this year..and my face is changing. I’m 40 and I’m losing hair in certain places and getting hair where I don’t want it. I don’t understand why my ears need hair. I’m also getting sunspots and moles and all kinds of imperfections due to exposure to the elements and just never noticed them before…until all of a sudden, I look in the mirror and wonder, hmm, I don’t rememberĀ that being there before.

My skin is also thinner in places. Maybe I’ve lost weight? Maybe my skin is stretching?

Whatevs. Old wrinkled face and all, I’m looking forward to what I can bring to 2017.

See, I turned it around there. Most people would say, “I’m looking forward to what 2017 brings…” Not me. I’m coming for 2017.

It reminds me of my favorite Chuck Norris joke:

Chuck Norris does not sleep – he waits.


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