30 – reflections

With a title like ‘reflections,’ selfies are obligatory (using my new-to-me Q10):


And another selfie, after my haircut this morning:


I really like the Bold Monochrome output from the Q10. It’s probably the same processing algorithm as the Bold Monochrome jpeg from my K-3, but in-camera processing is instantaneous due to a significantly smaller sensor and user-selected 5MP output (versus the Q10’s native 12MP output).

But I digress…Reflecting back on 2016 – and this blog – these are the things I didn’t get around to this past year:

Work on my self-published novel.

Seriously, after reading a few books on my Kindle this year, I didn’t realize that “dystopian post-apocalyptic underground near-future society” is such a popular sci-fi genre. It all started with Wool, then this year, I read Scorched…and then my idea seemed a little less original. Granted, I think I should still work on it, but I think the delivery and the story should unfold in a presentation similar to how Max Barry presented World War Z. I have several chapters already drafted – maybe I’ll set a goal of a few pages a day to continue the story and watch it unfold in 2017.

Work out consistently.

Yeah, I kind of failed here – I just can’t maintain a routine that works. I was pretty good when training for the OC Half Marathon (waking up at 5 AM and putting in the miles before 7 AM), then again right before the annual Morro Bay rock to pier run, but things kind of fell apart after that. I got into the Ragnar team for work, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in the actual race in 2017 since the family is doing a tour of California national parks during the kids’ spring break, the end of which falls on the start of Ragnar.  I’ll still train with the team though…

I also haven’t done much with weights or core. The pull-up bar downstairs has been used as a clothes hanger instead of my daily bodyweight fitness punishment. Shame on me!

Less Gear, More Pictures.

HAHAHAHA. I went through A LOT of gear this year. I started 2016 with a full m4/3 kit, then went to a Fuji X100s, which I though was going to be the equivalent of a gear island, but I ended up upgrading with a teleconverter, case, thumbgrip…then I really really missed the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, so I traded once again to a Pentax K-3, and again, the lens trade/buy/sell routine started. I got rid of both of the lenses that came with the K-3 (Pentax DA* 16-50/2.8 and Pentax DA 50/1.8)…only to end up with a Sigma 50/2.8 macro and Pentax DA 18-50/4-5.6 lens. Almost the same focal lengths as what I started with!!!!

I still have the Pentax DA 35/2.4, but I’m hoping it sells. I also gained the Pentax Q10 with 02 lens (5-15 zoom), which I’m hoping will allow for more candids and an “always-ready” camera, like the ones below.



Yes, I am enamored with the Pentax Bold Monochrome output. If I recall correctly, 2013 was supposed to be the year of B&W for this blog (using the Olympus Grainy B&W art filter). Can’t make any promises for 2017, but I really really really like Bold Monochrome, which both of my Pentax cameras can produce.

More SOOC, Less Post-Processing.

Ok. yeah, I definitely failed here. I tried. I loved the Velvia output from the X100s, but I can recreate it, and many more films (Kodak Ektachrome!!!) using HaldCLUT emulations in RawTherapee, which I’m running natively on my Ubuntu laptop.

I’m just using SOOC jpegs with the Q10, but I’ll definitely stick to RAW+jpeg with the K-3…I mean, that’s 24MP of APS-C digital goodness that I can tweak, so I may as well. When I have time.


2 thoughts on “30 – reflections

  1. From a genre perspective, yes, but from a story perspective, no. Wool immerses you in the environment, but Scorched is almost cursory in comparison…Which explains why Wool was several books. Scorched is just a standalone book.

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