27 – outside

It has been a very wet holiday and the rain forecast has been questionable, so rather than getting caught in a sudden shower, we’ve been playing it safe.

Yesterday, we made it to San Diego, but in the museum, we were indoors. It rained on the drive down and the drive back up. Today, we didn’t really go anywhere and the kids have been itching to go to a park…luckily, we finally made it outside for a few hours inbetween showers.


Yes, the sand was wet, and yes, Sara was all in the sand. And the puddles. She basically brings half of the playground home in her shoes…

I’m glad we’re walking distance to a park and schools and pretty much anything, if we choose to walk far enough. In the UK, everyone walks and takes public transportation. Whenever I travel to the UK, I don’t need to rent a car because I walk or take a bus or a train everywhere. It’s not unusual to walk a couple of kilometers to grab dinner. Back home though, I can’t walk for a mile to grab food – even though there are perfectly usable sidewalks and crosswalks. Why is that? Why can’t walking be a part of our culture here in sunny Socal?



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