26 – Legos…

It has been raining the past few days and the kids were feeling a bit of cabin fever, so we drove down to San Diego to grab some food (we were craving OTMC menudo and carnitas) and to visit the Fleet Science Center…where we managed to catch the Art of the Brick exhibit by Nathan Sawaya. It wasn’t what we expected.

It was art. Very sophisticated and thought-provoking art. I’m not sure why they picked the Fleet Science Center as the venue for displaying Sawaya’s work..because if you ask me, it would have been more appropriate at MOCA or even at the Getty. To me, a kids’ science center is where you go to test the efficacy of your flu vaccinations and where you’re glad your kids are not as poorly behaved as some others.

Nevertheless, we decided that two of the four of us should see the Lego exhibit, so I paid for Matty and myself. I could have stayed longer, but there were some pretty interesting sculptures there…

Let’s start with my favorite though:


It’s ok to see the above because it’s made out of innocent Legos, but imagine if that was more realistic. Maybe not Bodyworlds realistic, but still…this sculpture is just one of many introspective pieces that were on display:


ZOMG his hands have freaking melted off!!!!!!!!!


The above is a close-up. The guy is in a box and is trying to get out.


Look at the expression on this guy’s face…if sadness and eternal remorse could ever be captured in Lego form, well this was it.


I saw the above and I kept thinking of Skeletor from He-Man.


The above reminded me of the mattress scene from the Hellraiser II: Hellbound movie…which kept me awake and sleeping with the lights on – for many many many many years. If there was one thing I could ever repeat and NOT do, it would be to NOT watch that movie with my friends John and Patrick during a sleepover at Patrick’s house!!!



Seriously. That’s creepy. Just replace Legos with realistic representation of human bodies, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be displayed in a venue where kids are running amok and every surface is covered in snot and sugar.

I don’t know why, but this also reminded me of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures – which were painted in lifelike colors or even gilded back in the day, but today, we celebrate as art in their unpainted and naked marble or stone form. Now, just paint these Legos…and I guarantee it won’t be the same…

Besides the very neat but disturbing sculptures, there was plenty of awesome original artwork as well as Lego representation of different types of art, like Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”:


A bust of Nefertiti:


and an Easter Island Moai:


…every time I see a Moai, I keep thinking doo wop, doo wop wop wop wop…which makes me miss my old Nintendo DS and Rhythm Heaven.

Anyway, some more pictures from the exhibit:




Almost all of the above were taken with the Sigma 50/2.8 macro lens…which leads me to yet another realization: I’m going to sell the DA 35/2.4 lens. I know I praised it effusively in my last post, but when it comes down to it, I’d much rather shoot with the Sigma 50/2.8 because I like the FoV. It’s tight, but I can zoom back with my feet, and if I can’t, I can just get closer since it does 1:1 macro.


2 thoughts on “26 – Legos…

  1. yeah it was pretty surreal. I don’t think Matty really understood what some of the pieces were – even after we read the little description cards for each piece. Definitely a must-see though because his use of Legos as artistic medium is amazing.

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