25 – vacation

So I’m officially on vacation until January 4th. I actually started vacation on Monday, but I had to attend an all-day offsite meeting yesterday (I had to subtract a day of PTO, which means one additional day of PTO to carry over to next year).

Otherwise, it started raining today, so we had to stay indoors, which gave me a chance to do some indoor errands:

  1. Complain to UnderArmour about my running shorts (crappy crappy quality).
  2. Finish adding snaps to my camera bag (more pics and a rundown later!).
  3. Calibrate the AF of my lenses.

I was unhappy with my DA 35/2.4 and I was getting ready to sell it, and it turns out that it just needed +7 AF adjustment. The Sigma 50/2.8 macro needed -1 AF adjustment, but just barely. The Vivitar 7/3.5 is an MF lens, so no calibration required.

I shot with the DA 35/2.4 and it’s like a new lens – sharper and definitely more usable. Good thing I didn’t sell it. It fits in my camera bag so instead of a two-lens kit, I have a three-lens prime kit.

Some pics from the DA 35/2.4 today. Nice and sharp, good DoF control, and acceptable bokeh.




I also loaded and reloaded (at least three times) my Ubuntu 16.10 installation. The first few times, I got carried away with removing system components to make it lightweight, and the last – and hopefully final – go-round, I kept almost everything and tweaked it. All pictures above processed with RawTherapee and the Kodachrome film emulation.

My glasses reflect A LOT of purple due to the special coating on them – so no, it’s not purple fringing.


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