21 – Linux and RAW files

I converted my aging laptop from Windows 10 to Linux Mint, and so far, the experience has been seamless…except for the fact that I lost native Adobe Lightroom. Sure, I probably could have configured WINE and executed Lightroom from there, but I don’t know how well that would have performed.

So, I installed RawTherapee. Back in the day (let’s say four years ago), RawTherapee wasn’t that great, but fast forward to today, and it’s a full raw processing solution with almost all of the capability of Lightroom, albeit, free and supported in Linux.

All of the pictures in this post were processed with RawTherapee.


I posted the above picture already in 20 – Thanksgiving (kind of), but that was an in-camera B&W conversion. The picture above was a RawTherapee conversion, using Fuji Velvia film simulation. Not bad.


I don’t think I used a film simulation with the flower macro – but it’s nice and sharp and very detailed, even without additional sharpening.


The picture above was cropped; I forgot to bring a zoom lens to an amusement park and it’s not so easy to use a 50mm EFL when taking pictures from far away. Overall – not a bad crop.


The picture of the park bench in the playground close to my house had exposure levels changed and shadow detail expanded. Again, not bad – it’s a testament to the K3 sensor, the lens, and the post-processing software.


The above is a crop, using a slow Tamron 18-200 – probably at max aperture at the zoom. ISO bumped up to 12,000 and change. I had to apply some noise reduction.


Another from the Tamron 18-200, at 18mm (obvious from the distortion). I probably could have applied lens correction, but whatevs. At Internet resolution, it’s quite clean.


The picture above has the most noise, but it’s not bad. There’s still a lot of detail.


Finally, the last two pictures of our bird have processing applied – one has the Fuji Velvia film simulation, and another has a Kodak Tri-X simulation and a square crop. I don’t know if additional noise processing was done.

Overall, RawTherapee is a suitable replacement for a Linux-native post-processing solution. I may still setup WINE and install Lightroom just to see what the difference is. If I do have a complaint with RawTherapee, I can say that it’s slow to process, though the fact that I’m starting with 24-megapixel 14-bit RAW files could have something to do with that.

I do miss the Lightroom workflow, but I’ll just need to process more pictures with RawTherapee to get more accustomed to the interfaces and the menus.



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