17 – cars

So for Matty’s belated birthday present, I took him to the Petersen Automotive Museum – without the other members of the family who don’t have the same appreciation for cars. This worked out best for everyone since Matty and I were allowed to roam freely through the cars and Shannon and Sara don’t have to roll their eyes or wait for us.




Anyway, we really enjoyed it. There was a strange variety of cars though – lots of older European cars mixed with Hollywood cars and very specific race cars. There was also a whole section of a strange hodgepodge of custom cars. I mean, they put Ken Block’s Gymkhana 3 Ford Fiesta in the same room as the Billy Gibbons Cadzilla…so it must have made sense to someone.




I only had my DA 50/1.8 during this trip, so pictures are quite tight and intimate. I wish things were just a tad wider…like maybe 15 or so mm…My 16-50 was packed in a box and will be on its way to its new owner in Hyderabad, India, tomorrow morning, so I didn’t bring it.

I think having such a tight composition was good practice. I was able to focus on very specific details of the cars – otherwise, I would have just taken wide pictures of the entire car.





The downside is that a lot of the cars were custom coachworks, so they were nice but very tailored for their previous owners. As such, they are obviously bound to be lavish and dripping of bling (or whatever was contemporary at the time).





I think having just one lens was great discipline and forced me to compose. I have a lens inbound (SMC Pentax-F 35-70/3.5-4.5) to replace the 16-50, but to be honest, it was refreshing to have just one camera, one lens.


For example, the picture of the rear tail lights and exhaust of the McLaren F1 conveys a lot about the car, even if it’s just a very small part of it.

Anyway, it’s always eye-opening to come from Irvine and drive around and walk around parts of Los Angeles and realize that I live in a VERY PRIVILEGED area…


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