16 – quasi-macro

So now that I have interchangeable lenses again, the macro bug is once again biting…

I’d really like the Pentax DA 35/2.8 macro Limited lens, however, I can’t really justify it without making some funds first…so I have to make do with a Raynox DCR-250 fitted to the Pentax DA 50/1.8.


This combo gets me close, but not as close as I’d like.


Also, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to attach the DCR-250 achromat to the front of the 50/1.8…plus, DoF is *really* narrow, even when stopping down.


The Raynox Achromat was pretty cheap, and when I do eventually get the DA 35/2.8 macro Limited, I can attach it to the front to get >1:1 macro.

I had also considered selling the 16-50/2.8 to fund the macro lens…but to be honest, it’s a really good lens and the SDM really isn’t broken. Sure, it squeaks a bit, but so far so good.

Besides, I will probably find some great use for the 16mm FoV.



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