14 – vacation

It was time again for our annual family vacation, which was split between glamping in Santa Paula, hanging out at home, and Sea World in San Diego.

For our glamping trip, we stayed at a cabin at a campsite at the edge of Santa Paula, where we had to fight with charcoal briquettes, loud amplified mariachi music, a filming of a commercial at the cabin next door…but otherwise, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and we got an afternoon of swimming, a hike, and plenty of smores over the grill. Here’s our cabin, which came complete with air conditioning and a pretty big bathroom.


Our cabin had plenty of visitors which we didn’t mind:



Yep. Wild peacocks. Fearless and loud in the mornings.


Mornings were quite nice and peaceful, but mostly because Shannon didn’t have to cook anything and we didn’t need to spend hours to start the fire.



We got pretty frustrated with the charcoal. Our backup ‘logs’ were also equally useless, so we had to buy a bottle of charcoal starter, which probably helped a little. Anyway, here is Sara playing with some dirt on the picnic table – on the other side of the table was probably our little grill not lighting on fire.


The campsite also had activities for kids – the kids were mostly interested in the giant pillow, which was basically a bounce house without walls.


The big kid didn’t mind either.


The hike was short and there really wasn’t much to see.



After a few days, were were soooo done with glamping, and we needed to rush home to pick up our newest family member.


It’s our new conure, Beanie. When Munki (also a conure) died earlier this year, her passing left a pretty big gap. Munki lived to be about fifteen years old…and Beanie is currently just a little over two months old…and we have many years of lessons-learned. For one, Beanie is male, so we don’t have to worry about eggs. Also, Beanie is being handled by all of us. Beanie also likes to eat EVERYTHING. For her entire life, Munki only ate pellets and the occasional green vegetable. Beanie…has eaten just about everything we’ve eaten (with caveats, of course).

After a day of spending time with Beanie, we then spent the day baking in the sun at Sea World in San Diego…thanks to free tickets (my reward for being a former Army Reservist) and Shannon’s craving for a turkey leg. Here we are baking in the sun and eating turkey.


And here we are waiting for dolphins.



And finally, the dolphins arrive! We have a trainer and the youngest dolphin in front of us.



Anyway, that’s about it. A week of PTO has passed and next week, it’s back to work again. This weekend will be like any other weekend, where we’ll attack the parks close to the house…and I’ll constantly be on the lookout for the perfect candid shots of the kids.



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