13 – guy trip #3

This year, we couldn’t get all of us to go on the trip, so sans-Greg, we had some flexibility with scheduling and decided to combine our annual Morro Bay race with our guy trip.


The Morro Bay race is a 6-mile “fun run” on the beach which goes from the Morro rock to the Cayucos Pier and it is commemorated to a good friend’s father, so the race has special meaning to all of us. This year, there were several event photographers covering the event, and lo and behold, free downloads of pictures (hint, hint, Orange County marathon/half-marathon folks). Here’s a picture of me, probably inbetween some Amsterdam trap and Jamiroquai on my playlist:


This year, I placed first in my division (35-39) and 25th overall! Not bad!

After the Morro Bay weekend, we drove over to Lake Nacimiento and basically hung out in our cabin the entire time. We ate. We drank. We played cards. We BS’ed. We looked at the sky.


The sky overhead was amazingly dark. During the first night, the Milky Way was amazing, but unfortunately, none of us were sober enough to handle cameras or a tripod safely, so we just stared in awe and were probably pretty loud and annoying at 1:00 AM.


The second night, I took it easy with the drinks and managed to capture an Iridium flare:


…and thanks to Iain’s expertise with the sky, I caught my first glimpse of the Andromeda galaxy:


Can’t see it? Here it is, zoomed in:


I definitely saw space from a new perspective during the trip, and I can’t blame it all on the scotch or beers!

Anyway, after a very tiring but enjoyable weekend, I came back home…and I felt like I was gone for such a long time. The older I get, the more I realize how my time on earth is so finite and I need to make the most of it…






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