12 – aquarium

We took my daughter to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific for an early birthday celebration today. We used to be members of the Aquarium for several years, but as the kids outgrew it, we decided not to renew, even though membership is tax-deductible.

In any case, here are some snaps from the day. I didn’t bother taking many pictures of the exhibits…but mostly what I found interesting. All pictures SOOC jpeg from the X100s – some pictures taken with the TCL-x100, and some without.


We had to park at the Pike parking lot because there was some event at the Queen Mary that took up the entire parking structure next to the aquarium. The bridge is interesting because it looks like there’s supposed to be a roller-coaster on it, but there’s not.


The X100s is AMAZING with low light. The picture above was taken while the room was very dark and there was a short film playing inside the main hall of the Aquarium. Focus was quick when using the AF-assist light.


Here’s the main hall of the Aquarium – I looked up and found the patterns interesting.


After the Aquarium, Sara and I explored around the lighthouse while Matty and Shannon went back to grab some food in the van.


On the way back across the bridge to the parking structure, I noticed that the Long Beach skyline is starting to become more interesting. I don’t remember so many different architectural styles in this area. I also didn’t realize that this area had an outlet shopping center…

The two pictures below were taken at home earlier this week. I had to throw in a selfie too.



I figured out to set the FN button on the X100s to configure the teleconverter. This is much easier than diving through the menus. I can always set it to the ND filter or ISO when I need those settings.


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