11 – randoms

Some recent randoms from the past week or so. All of these are SOOC jpeg – I’m using the in-camera RAW to jpeg conversion to tweak the images using the Fuji film ‘filters’. I really love the rich colors of the Velvia preset, but it can be a bit much for some situations.

We also went to the Greek festival and a Japanese restaurant yesterday, and even though I brought my camera, I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures!









GAS got a hold of me last week and I acquired the TCL-X100 teleconverter adapter, which changes the effective focal length from 35mm to 50mm, while still maintaining the same focusing capability and lens speed. So technically, even though the X100s is a fixed focal length camera, by adding the adapter, I have two ‘lenses’ that cover my two most-used FOVs. Also, unlike interchangeable lenses, the sensor is never exposed, so it’s much easier to quickly screw on or unscrew the adapter just to change focal length.

I also got the official Fuji leather case and strap, which, when combined with the Lensmate thumb grip, makes the X100s much easier to hold.



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