7 – catharsis (again)

So I have once again purged my photography kit and traded for a smaller kit. This is probably the fifth time this has happened…Anyway, I no longer have my OMD EM-5, 40-150, 45/1.8, and Penpal – this kit was traded for a Fuji X100s.

There’s basically no upgrade path with the X100s. It’s a 35mm fixed lens APS-C camera with hybrid OVF. It’s pretty rudimentary, especially after coming from the OMD EM5, which always allowed for G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) to slowly and surely creep in.

What I lose in gear, I gain in small size, simplification, and hopefully, better pictures.

I took it out on a sunny day, and these are my first pictures outdoors:



The picture above was taken wide open (f/2.0), shutter speed manually set to 1/1000, ND filter enabled, with fill-flash. Awesome. No more faces in shadows.

I love the built-in ND filter. I’m looking forward to greater creative possibilities…


The fixed focal length (effectively 35mm FF-equivalent) is not limiting at all. It’s a great all-around focal length for most of the situations I take pictures of. Sure it won’t cover ALL situations, but that’s a limitation I’ll address when it comes around…

Indoors…well, I think I need to practice some more. The X100s is supposed to be a low-light master, but I think I need to better understand the different AEL patterns and how to better gauge area of focus and final picture when using the rangefinder OVF.

The OVF isn’t WYSIWYG…but it’s nice and bright and clear.


All of the pictures are SOOC, other than resizing for the Interwebs.

I did lose my favorite grainy B&W art filter…but at the same time, I think I was using it as a crutch.

Time to learn photography all over again…


One thought on “7 – catharsis (again)

  1. Cool! If anyone offered something similar with a 50mm eq. fixed lens, I’d be all over it! (Something kind of like my old Kodak Retina!)

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