5 – even more random

National holiday today, and luckily, I don’t work in defense anymore, so I got the day off.

Some snaps from this morning’s outing.


I’m dreading the day when my K2 longboard is no longer usable. I’ve got the hang of it now and it’s a great way to get around for short distances…


I asked Sara what she was doing stooped over the lawn and it turns out she was looking for four-leafed clovers. She said that there is a one thousand to one chance that you’ll find one. We looked for five minutes and didn’t find one.


I did find some dew left over from the morning. So, I broke out my trusty ZD 35/3.5 macro lens and shot it at 1:1 magnification, then some brief post-processing using Snapseed on my phone.

It’s such a great workflow.


2 thoughts on “5 – even more random

  1. I have the same board! Do you know where I can go to buy parts like wheels for it in case of an emergency?

  2. I haven’t found a place for replacement parts yet either. I think bearings would be easy to replace, but when the wheels go, I’ll need to find another solution.

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