4 – more random

I think whenever I have a ‘random’ post, it’s basically an outing with my kids. It’s not really ‘random,’ per se, rather, it’s more ‘spontaneous’ and ‘unscripted.’


I edited the picture above using Snapseed on my phone before I uploaded to WordPress – it was too dark before the edit, so I brought out the details and made it brighter. I also figured out that WordPress was adding compression to uploaded images from the Android app, so I disabled that feature. Hopefully, these pictures look better than the last post (which I updated, BTW).


I took a picture of this tetherball pole and video with the BCL9 fisheye. The video is so much cooler because I spun around the pole while keeping focus on the closest chainlink – the effect of the background with fisheye distortion was pretty cool.


I find that a lot of the shots with the BCL9 are more ‘fisheye’ if I deliberately shoot from an offset position. If I take the horizon line and make sure it’s above or below the middle of the frame, then the distortion is more evident. Also, the BCL9 won’t have the neat starburst patterns that the Rokinon 7.5/3.5 had – mostly because I don’t think the BCL9 has blades for its fixed f/8 aperture. It’s probably just a small hole that’s perfectly circular.


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