2 – Portability


I got two pretty essential add-ons for my EM5 today.

First, I got the Olympus BCL9 lens – which I owned briefly a couple years ago but ended up returning to Amazon. This is basically a focus-free fisheye lens with a fixed F/8 aperture. It’s awesome – see picture above. With hyperfocal focusing and a very small front element, this fisheye can go places where ‘normal’ fisheyes won’t. I cant wait to put my camera in the fridge again.

Yes, our house is VERY messy.

Second, I got the Olympus PP-1 Penpal – this allows my EM5 to transfer files via Bluetooth to my phone. Now, my phone will always have an awesome camera with my favorite b&w art filter…and most likely, I’ll never post process a picture using Lightroom again…

I also traded my flash for a Chromebook and I’m hoping the Penpal will work with it.

As much as I like being able to use my phone for things…I sure don’t like using it for blog posts…


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