13 – ‘Grand’ Panoramas

Here are a couple of panoramas from our trip. These required a bit of post-processing in order to match exposure and to remove vignetting. I should have figured that the Sigma 19/2.8 EX DN ART lens that I used on my Olympus OM-D EM5 needed some correction. Typically, I don’t correct the slight distortion, but for stitching panoramas together, the slight distortion makes a big difference.

The stitching of the panorama below is far from good…there are obvious areas where each frame wasn’t aligned – especially visible towards the middle. Also, the sky gives it away…Boo. 😦


In the panorama above, the Grand Canyon in the background almost looks like a backdrop especially with my wife so close to the foreground, but believe me, it’s real and so huuuuuge. It’s difficult to fathom the sheer depth of the Grand Canyon without actually being there. There are some people on the rock to the left, if scale needs to be determined.


I attempted to offset the background by including some foreground elements for reference…but as you can see in the panorama above, the trees that are close can’t even approximate the distance to the rock walls in the background (the middle?)…and even then, the rock wall is relatively ‘close’ compared to the rest of the canyon even further in the background.

Anyway, the panoramas are uploaded as full-size jpegs for full-size viewing.


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