10 – guy trip #2

Panorama from Moro Rock

This year, for our annual guy trip, we decided to take it to a national park so we headed to Sequoia. There was a lot to see, but other than the sights, we really just needed a place to get away for a few days, lose some money on poker, and make up mixed drinks.

The panorama above was taken at the top of Moro Rock – I decided to give it the B&W treatment for more depth. Click on it and you see the whole picture at full resolution. I’m definitely printing this picture when I get the chance.

Anyway, at the top of Moro Rock, we saw some pretty idiotic people climb over the safety rails and venture onto the edge of the rock. People – safety rails are for your own safety. They are your friends.

Initial Climb to Moro Rock

For most of us, the climb to Moro Rock was cake, but for Greg, he had to stop halfway because of his fear of heights.

Almost there!

He missed out on a pretty good group picture.

Group Picture without Greg

After Moro Rock, we made it to the General Sherman where we were greeted by the largest tree ever (well, at least one of fifteen) as well as the angriest rain storm above 4000 feet, complete with hail, oil on the roads, and rising steam.

General Sherman
General Sherman – taken with my iPhone

We then went on a hike to see Marble Falls, though the hike was pretty interesting with rattlesnakes and baby deer acting like gatekeepers. We RAN past the very angry rattlesnake and almost missed the well-camouflaged fawn. The hike was worth it though because the waterfall was beautiful.

Marble Falls
Rushing water with the rocks in the background
All of us taking a break
Last group shot before heading back

I let Google Photos ‘beautify’ one of the uploads from my iPhone and this is what Google came up with.

Google’s idea of beauty

Not bad. Not really my cup of tea, but not bad.

More panoramas:

panorama from Moro Rock
another panorama from Moro Rock

In one of the panoramas above, you can see where the stitching happens. I can’t find an easy way to clean up exposure artifacts like that.

Anyway, guy trip #2 was a success. There’s talk of actually going backpacking in Yosemite next year. Or an RV. Or even Napa.

I’m blessed to have great friends whom I can relax and spend quality time with and an awesome family who welcomes me back and will have to suffer through my stories and dirty laundry for the next few weeks.


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