09 – more changes

A couple weeks ago, I said goodbye to my job – which I had working at for nine years – and last week, I said hello to my new one:WP_20150413_13_24_13_Pro 1

I’m *significantly* closer to home – in fact, my new job is a little over FOUR miles away by bike. Once HR figures out where I can safely lock my bike at my building (yes, this is a big deal), then I’ll start riding in. The main building has a bike rack, but my building does not…and I’d like to make sure that my bike is in a safe and *shaded* area so it won’t be damaged by sitting out all day or risk getting hit by cars.

The pace at work is SUPER FAST. One week in, and I’m already involved in a daily telecon, I’ve been submerged head-first into several fast-moving projects, I have a document due to the customer next week, and I have been requested to travel to the UK at the end of the month. All this, and I don’t even have my laptop, cell phone, or corporate card yet. I’m moving faster than HR and IT can move.

Speaking of movement though, the entire family is now mobile on two wheels. Well, kind of. I have my bike, Matty has his bike, Shannon is borrowing her sister’s bike, and Sara…well, she kind of has a bike:


So far, the kids are eager to go out on the bike trails and see the sights. We have gone out a few times and later this morning, we plan on biking down to the Newport Back Bay – hopefully, we’ll see some cranes and migrating birds. If we’re not out biking on paved trails, we’re still going to parks to wreak havoc.



The second picture above was taken at “Castle Park,” which is probably not the park’s official name, but it has a castle in it and Matty loves to ride around it while Sara loves to hide from me. She’ll run and I’ll follow. I don’t know why she thinks she can hide from me…

Other than that, my previous company’s final “going away” gift for us was a set of tickets to a math and science exhibit in San Diego.


There were a few fun exhibits, but I kind of questioned why some things were there. A rock wall doesn’t really have any relevance with math and science, but it sure was fun for some of us:


In my opinion, the best part of the exhibit was the “bullet-time” photo booth. There were 20 cameras arranged in a circle and in less then a second, they sequentially captured a moment in time. We all had some fun with this…and fortunately, only one of us was injured. Suffice it to say, I spent my first week at my new job answering questions regarding the carpet burn on my forehead.

Anyway, lots of changes.


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