06 – adjusting

I’m readjusting to the photographic workflow when using the OM-D. I’d like to say that it’s a world of compromise and depreciating value, but it’s not. Seriously, I’ve owned and traded a lot of camera gear over the past few years but none of what I’ve previously used can compare to the ease and the output of the Olympus OM-D E-M5.


It’s hard to tell from the above, but my daughter’s eyes are super sharp and 100% in focus – thanks to the Olympus “face detection with eye priority” that I have enabled. The camera by default is set to use the center focus point, but when it sees a face, it focuses on the face (or faces), but when it sees eyes, it will focus on the eyes. The picture above was taken with the camera held below waist-level while she was taking a picture of me with my phone…

Here is a requisite selfie, which I guess is what I do with every camera that I’ve acquired recently,  as seen here, here, here, and here. I guess this counts too – or maybe it’s the only one that counts since it was taken in a bathroom.


And of course – a selfie with the grainy b&w art filter applied:


Sadly, I’m just now gaining a true appreciation for how nice Olympus jpegs are out-of-camera. All of the pictures in this post are jpegs in VIVID mode, resized for the Interwebs. I’m still saving RAW+jpeg with every shot though since inevitably, I’m going to want to tweak something in post-processing. Similarly, the grainy b&w art filter is awesome – I could probably shoot all day with that art filter enabled. Hmm…maybe I should sometime…


The picture above and below were taken with my FAVORITE LENS of all time, the Zuiko Digital 35/3.5 macro, which I’ve adapted to my m4/3 body using a cheap ebay 4/3-m4/3 adapter. I had tried using the 14-54, but the slow focus and the size just don’t go well with the spirit of the OM-D E-M5. Besides, when I take macro shots, I deliberately slow down, so slow focus is a non-issue. For the longest time, I had insisted on an optical viewfinder for macro – but with the OM-D, I think the EVF and the OLED display are just fine, if not easier since I don’t have to constantly change perspectives when peering through the viewfinder.


Anyway, it has been less than a week with the camera and already, there are two posts on the blog. Perhaps finding the right gear was just the muse I needed? I really can’t wait to go on a walkaround with the kit…


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