04 – b&w bug

I’ve been bitten by the black and white bug again, and unfortunately, I don’t have the convenience of the built-in grainy film art filter that my m4/3 cameras had. Additionally, I lost my LR5 installation when I upgraded my laptop HD to an SSD, so I had to think of different ways to get my grainy B&W back.

This first picture is a simple grayscale conversion against the Sony NEX output with additional contrast added using Raw Therapee. It’s meh, to be honest. I think it’s too flat and muddled.

005 (Medium)

I actually played around with Raw Therapee and DXO Optics Pro 8, and neither one could give me the B&W output that I liked. I then remembered that I had an OLD copy of Photoshop CS3 with NIK Silver EFEX. Some tweaking resulted in this:

073_DxO (Medium) (2)

This was a film simulation with an orange filter applied. It’s also a bit meh, but definitely has more mood compared to the first shot. I don’t know if the subject (landscape versus candid ‘portrait) makes any difference.

The next picture also used Silver EFEX, but used a high ISO film simulation with added grain.

021 copy

Yes – much better. Still a bit smooth, but gritty at the same time. The contrast is definitely there.

Finally, the right amount of tweaking and grain added:

015 copy

Yes! High contrast. High grain. Low key and high key at the same time. Infinite depth of field.

This last picture originally looked like this (SOOC jpeg from my Sony NEX 3N):

015 (Medium)

Obviously, I defished the RAW slightly and modified the exposure before sending it to photoshop for the final B&W treatment.


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