01 – a new year is here…

2014 came and went and 2015 is here.

Last year, my blog posts slowed down – life just got in the way. There was a lot going on and unfortunately, photography (which my blog revolves around) just wasn’t a priority. These were the last shots that I imported and processed in 2014:

155 (Medium)

153 (Medium)

103 (Medium)

144 (Medium)

011 (Medium)

Yeah – these pictures were taken in early December and we were out in shorts and t-shirts. Luckily, the temperature is now sufficiently brisk (which Shannon *hates*), so it feels like winter. Kind of.

Anyway, I’m not making any resolutions regarding photography this year since I’m pretty sure I’m going to break them since any resolution would involve the actual act of taking pictures. Even when I’m out with the kids, I don’t take many pictures anymore. I may actually consider slimming my kit down further – perhaps sell my mirrorless kit?

I did gain a phone upgrade – I went from a Nokia Lumia 635 to a Nokia Lumia 1520…which also comes with a 20MP camera with a Zeiss lens and RAW (DNG) output, so I have a very good camera with me at all times. The downside, it’s huge for a phone. In the picture below, my old phone (now a backup) is on the left, the Lumia 1520 is in the middle, and for size comparison, Shannon’s old TI-82 graphing calculator (I gave my TI-82 to my sister).

195 (Medium)

The phone doesn’t fit in my jeans, so I had to order a custom holster for it. I also needed a new running pouch which can accommodate the 6″ phone, which I needed anyway since my Amphipod waist pouch had a seized zipper.

Anyway, the Lumia 1520 can capture in RAW, so I can process the pictures with Lightroom just as I normally would with the RAW files from my other cameras. Here are some pictures taken today (obviously, processed in LR – yes, I still love grainy B&W):

WP_20150102_13_33_48_Pro__highres (Medium)

WP_20150102_14_28_34_Raw__highres (Medium)

WP_20150102_14_34_06_Raw__highres (Medium)

I’m still learning about the characteristics of the sensor and the lens and the camera experience in general. From what I can tell, there’s noticeable edge distortion. Also, even though the camera has optical image stabilization and a fast f/2.4 lens, I can’t control the aperture, though I can control shutter speed, focus, white balance, and exposure compensation.

Additionally, the Lumia 1520 has an awesome (in my opinion) panorama mode, though unfortunately, this mode doesn’t capture in RAW. My trail run from yesterday (the Bommer Canyon trail) showcases the panorama mode.

WP_20150101_13_45_53_Panorama (Medium)

If I do have resolutions for 2015, they revolve around my fitness in general. My mileage sucked in 2014 – I totaled less than 650 miles for running AND biking – which sucks. For 2015, I’d like to spend 50% of my running on off-road trails. The Bommer Canyon trail is great, but I think I’ll venture further to see what other trails are available. I’ve also been slacking on my riding – it doesn’t help that I got into a pretty gnarly spill in June that kept me off of my bike mostly due to fear.

Maybe I’ll also finally start working on my core…


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