22 – binge

I hit a lull in activity on this blog. With my MSIT program finished, evenings are now free and instead of procrastinating from studying (which was one of the reasons why this blog was ever populated with content), I’ve been binging on Netflix and started a few series that I’ve been meaning to watch. Here are the TV series that I’ve started and where I am:

Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 – Starbuck crashed on the planet and had a face-off with Six.

Breaking Bad: Season 1 – second show. I honestly don’t remember. They caught a guy and he’s in the basement and they’re struggling with how to kill him.

Parks and Recreation: Season 2 – Leslie threw a party for Justin.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1 – One of the guys consciously dates a tranny.

Firefly: Only one season, but I just finished the episode where they encounter a turned Reaver and get accosted by an Alliance ship.

Honestly, I can’t get into Breaking Bad, even though everyone says it’s AWESOME. Also, I kind of ruined Battlestar Galactica since I went on the wiki and crawled the Interwebs to do more research on Six. For science (and pictures). Firefly will be done soon, but I’ll follow-up by watching Serenity – even though I’ve already seen it, it only makes sense to watch everything in the proper order now.

I’ve also watched a lot of movies. There was a good one with some paroled guys in Scotland going on a heist to steal some Scotch – captions definitely required to watch the movie since some of their accents were quite thick.

I’m hoping to be more productive though, and with the recent acquisition of an Arduino board and a grip of sensors (bought with my stipend from work) and having unlimited access to a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, I figured I’d better learn my fundamentals for electronics, so I bought a Radio Shack 200-project electronics kit, which came complete with books and of course, the breadboard and components for experiments. So far, I’ve been doing a project a night with the kids before bed – they get to help me build something and I get to make sure nobody gets shocked and nothing explodes.

Oh, yeah, pictures. Unfortunately, my photography hasn’t really evolved with all of the above. Photography, by the way, was a great source for procrastination. Anyway, some recent pictures from the past month – all taken with the Sony NEX 3N.

005 (Medium)

084 (Medium)

103 (Medium)

056 (Medium)

It’s quite a complete and versatile kit that all fits into a small bag. Macro is quite usable with the extension tubes and the Sigma 30/2.8 – though I lose stabilization if I don’t use the kit 16-50/3.5-5.6 lens. I’ve broken out my E-3 a few times, but honestly, I haven’t had an occasion to break it out. Shannon did take some gnarly pictures of tree sap with her phone and one of these days, I’ll walk over to that tree with my E-3 and Benbo tripod to take some 1.4:1 macro shots. I’d better do it soon.


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