20 – reconnecting

My MSIT program is unofficially done. No more homework. No more midterms or finals. No more group projects. No more all nighters. No more missing out on life. Commencement (which I’m not attending – long story) is this weekend. Afterwards…freedom!

Anyway, even going out to the park feels different now that I’m done with school. I no longer feel like I’m procrastinating or should be sneaking glances at notes on my phone. Nope, I can be 100% there. This past Saturday, the kids wanted to go out to different parks in the neighborhood (sounds like every weekend, actually)…so I tagged along.
003-2 (Medium)


There are some pretty awesome grassy hills at one of the parks we visited and both kids were rolling down in their own way.






The engineer in me felt that they could be more efficient so I showed them how to get more speed and coverage down the hill by raising their arms above their heads and rolling down like little hot dogs.

Unfortunately, my kids going down the hill weren’t straight like hot dogs. They rolled down like kielbasa. Or bratwurst. Basically, not straight, but curvy. Like a sausage.

So, I ended up rolling down the hills too in order to demonstrate proper technique. Many times.

It was great fun and we all learned a few things:

1. Sara and I get seriously itchy from the grass, while Matty doesn’t.
2. When rolling down a hill with someone, don’t roll down together or roll down close to each other, unless the goal was for someone’s feet to inadvertently kick the other person in the face.
3. Take all sharp objects out of your pockets.
4. Say goodbye to chapstick if you accidentally leave it in your pocket and you roll down the hill several times anyway.
5. Facing the “other direction” while going downhill won’t undo the dizziness.

Anyway, along with the end of 20 months of my MSIT program, I’ve decided to reactivate my Facebook account. I think being away was good and this time around, I think I’ll control my thoughts and shares.

Whatever I have to say, I’ll say on this blog…


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