18 – crow

I’m eating crow. In my last post, I said that I’d be good with what I have…



I’m blaming the Interwebs. I never knew that a bodycap fisheye for m4/3 existed! Anyway, I got one…and a body to go with it. I’ve taken some test shots, and with a fixed f/8, it’s pretty much useless indoors – the cheap Panasonic GF1 I got for it isn’t exactly a high ISO winner, but for outdoors, it’s pretty good – I should know…this is the second time around for GF1 ownership for me – but outdoors, it’s great.

When I had the Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 fisheye, I still had to fiddle with focus. With the bodycap fisheye, there are THREE focus points – infinity, hyperfocal, and ‘macro’. I don’t have reason to complain about focusing a manual lens anymore.

The best part about the GF1 with bodycap fisheye – no lens cap. The focus lever has a fourth position for a built-in lens cover. What this means is that should an occasion to get a WIDE shot occur…all I need to do is grab, point, and go. No focusing necessary. Since a fisheye won’t be used too frequently, this should work – in theory.

EDIT: Here are the shots from today’s outing – a birthday party for one of my son’s friends at a nearby amusement park. These are SOOC JPEG from the GF-1 using the ‘dynamic’ jpeg setting. Resized for the Interwebs.

011 (Medium)

012 (Medium)

019 (Medium)

If not already evident by the picture above – the sun was BEATING DOWN ON US. There was PLENTY of natural light, which was perfect for a fixed f/8 fisheye lens.

In other news, here’s a picture of a flowering artichoke.




3 thoughts on “18 – crow

  1. I really wish they’d come out with a 25/8 bodycap lens! Love the idea. Already have the P14 and O17 pancakes, so didn’ t find much reason to get the 15mm bodycap lens and have never really taken to fisheyes… so still waiting. Have fun with yours!!!

  2. it’s a WONDERFUL lens. If a fisheye isn’t really your thing but wouldn’t mind dabbling, then for $99, it’s a deal.

    I took some shots today and with good light, it’s sharp. That’s the caveat though – enough light.

    I’m about to post the pics soon.

    I’m toying with the idea of getting an adapter for my ZD 25/2.8 pancake so I can use it on the GF1…but then, if I do that, then I’d totally be eating crow!

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