10 – idyllic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter last week’s trip to the frozen north, it doesn’t take much to remind myself of how idyllic my life is sometimes. I live in a resort of a town – two ‘lakes’, almost thirty swimming pools, parks, great schools, friendly neighbors, close to almost everything I can ask for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my opinion, it’s the ideal place to raise a family in Southern California, hence, this is where we’ve settled down for the time being.

Unfortunately, as great as it is to provide my kids with a foundation, I’m not giving them a chance to learn how to start over. When I was a kid, we moved *all* the time – we basically moved wherever the rent was affordable. Such was the gift of growing up poor.

My kids are completely clueless with struggle. It’s a foreign concept – just like homelessness, bitter cold, and ‘weather’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey basically get everything they need without asking for it and more often than not, they also get what they want (though we’ve tried to keep their demands fairly well-grounded – we’re still fairly old-school when it comes to distractions and activities). Additionally, I’m hoping that they learn that experiences are more valuable than material things. Though my son may have received a new bike for Christmas, it’s learning how to ride a bike and newfound mobility that are more important.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe’s fallen off of his bike a couple times, and though normally, he’d cry and cry from even the slightest physical effort or pain, he didn’t cry when he fell off his bike – he just got back on and pedaled away.

In other news, I’ve shipped my E-3 off to Olympus to get repaired. It’s a flat rate and for what they’re going to do it (replace the cracked LCD screen, fix the lens release button, fix the rear LCD chassis, and adjust focus), my cost for the camera and the repair is still cheaper than the value of the camera. So, I’ve been shooting with the E-410 and the pancake. All the pics this week (and last week, for that matter) are from the E-410. This week’s pics, BTW, are SOOC – no post-processing.




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