04 – selfie and technique

Almost every Sunday morning, my son and I wait for my daughter to get out of one of her classes, and usually, I bring my books and my cameras. This year, armed with my E-3, my selfies will look like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was taken this morning. That’s the E-3 with my favorite ZD lens, the ZD 35/3.5 macro. I used DxO filmpack 3 and the Velvia preset on a SOOC jpeg. I probably could have edited the raw to recover some of the highlights, but whatevs. Yeah…my van needs to be washed – those spots on the rearview mirror have been there for months.

Anyway, last year, this was my selfie, probably in the same spot:

024 (Medium)This was taken with the Panasonic GF-1 and Sigma 19/2.8. This was probably a SOOC jpeg, but probably a lot of tweaking internally to get the look I wanted.

Anyway, what I find funny is that regardless of the camera, I still hold it the same way: right hand over the shutter, left hand supporting the lens or body. This is how I was taught to hold a camera when I first started learning photography back in eighth grade (gasp! 1991! I’m older than dirt!). 

So many photographers rely on technology to get ‘better’ pictures, when in actuality, much of it is camera technique and understanding of the exposure triangle. It’s nice to have new toys – I can’t argue with that one – but it’s better to understand the end result before the end result occurs. This was what it was like back in my film days. I only had 24 or 36 exposures per roll, and since I was paying for every frame, dammit, every frame was going to be perfect.

We’re so spoiled with digital photography. We can snap thousands of shots and only get a handful of keepers…but in my opinion, this kind of trivializes the art and craft of photography. Every now and then, I like to limit my photo outings to only 36 RAW shots. I keep a couple of 1gb CF cards for this purpose. It’s challenging, but it’s also fun (IMO) to analyze the picture in my mind before I actually take it. I had entertained the thought of buying an incident light meter, but unfortunately, all the hipsters bought them. 

Am I a Luddite? Quite possibly. Yes. 


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