03 – exposure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been bitten by the long exposure bug. The picture above was a 206-second exposure at f/11, ISO 100, then post-processed in LR3. Everything is in focus. Seriously – I never understood the bokeh-crazy phenomenon that causes lenses to not be ‘good’ unless they can see in the dark. Also, at f/11, I’ve hit what’s probably the diffraction limit for the lens/sensor combination – though I wish I could use it all the way to f/22 (I have no idea why there are stops above f/11)…and I can also easily force starburst patterns at f/11.

If you view the picture at 100%, the light trail of a helicopter with intermittently blinking lights becomes visible along the treeline. It’s pretty neat – and it was the reason I exposed for 206 seconds – I just wanted to capture the helicopter moving across the frame. Since I uploaded the full size picture, I decided that I needed to watermark it.

Anyway, I would love to go out to a forest or somewhere away from civilization and capture star trails at night. Being in the middle of a city, the ambient light makes it hard to see stars clearly. Luckily, I have a weatherproof camera and lens…and I’m not afraid to exploit its capabilities. I’m in process of selling off all of my m4/3 kit so I can trade it for the ZD 8mm fisheye – which would be a native lens for my E-3 and it would also be weatherproof. Either that, or I can invest in a road bike with actual gears…

Decisions, decisions…


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