01 – impression


2013 has taken my Facebook account, so now that I’m sans social networking, I’m not sure how my friends and family will be able to view this blog. Short of the few followers that I’ve gained on WordPress, I think that the only audience this blog has is myself. I’m pretty sure I have some online followers who have found me through Facebook, but whoever you are – you’re probably not going to be visiting this blog anytime soon without any FB notification that I’ve made any updates.

I left Facebook and two days had passed before my wife realized I was no longer getting her updates. It just goes to show that even though I had whittled my ‘friends’ list down to about 100 people, even the people closest to me were unaware of my absence.

Such is the online, always-connected life.

So a serious question – what kind of impression is this blog actually aiming for? None.

The purpose of this blog, especially ever since I made the move to WordPress over five years ago, has been to be my creative outlet. It has taken on several identities – photo blog, Project 52, journal, online confessional – but regardless, this has always been my way of keeping my right brain aligned with my left brain.

Dare I do something different this time around?

I would like to take more insightful and meaningful (to me) pictures…pictures that are less about my kids and family and more about my introspection and while I’m at it, ephemeral and fleeting thoughts.

Anyway Interwebs – speak up. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whatever you are.


3 thoughts on “01 – impression

  1. hey thanks for the comments guys. Iain – completely forgot about RSS. WordPress doesn’t track RSS views.

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