23 – procrastination

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI tend to be more prolific with blog posts when I have a looming deadline. In this case, I have a major group project due tonight, which explains the blog post last night and tonight. I actually did pretty well tonight though – I made sure that I finished everything I was responsible for before I processed and posted these pictures online. With my input finished, the project is now a team effort, so I foresee plenty of frustration tomorrow afternoon and evening right before the 11:55 PM deadline.

But, I did make good use of my time today…well, after lunch and an outing at the park.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt started getting pretty dark and windy and seeing as how we’re part Mogwai and part Wicked Witch of the West (we have a pathological fear of water falling from the sky), we sought shelter and went home. The kids watched 101 Dalmatians on Netflix while I sat and worked on my paper – though Shannon can attest to the fact that she did have to coerce me to make better use of my time…since I was playing with my E-3 and trying to figure out why the complimentary FL-40 flash that came with it was just not exposing pictures properly.

I used the E-3 at the park and it’s awesome. The downside – at 5 FPS with a seemingly infinite buffer, I can get a lot of pictures…245 in an hour and a half, to be exact.

For the two B&W pictures, I liked the composition more than the sharpness of the central subject, so yes, the capture of blurriness was somewhat intentional. For the first picture, I liked the juxtaposition of the lone palm tree against the tree line. I hate palm trees.




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