12 – fishy

I had traded some lenses for a fisheye (Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5) that I really wanted to have for our recent vacation, but unfortunately, I didn’t receive it until we got back.

I took some shots around the neighborhood and processed them – I think they turned out ok. Fisheye distortion is tricky, but a lot of fun. Additionally, I was able to download a lens-specific profile for LR that allowed me to defish and adjust for rectilinear correction as necessary, so that made processing a lot easier.

Anyway, haven’t posted in a while and honestly, I don’t see myself posting frequently. Too much going on.

Fishy pictures below.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes, fisheye distortion works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Regardless, it’s a fun lens and it’s TINY – almost pancake-like in size. I was a bit apprehensive since it’s a manual-only lens (manual focus and manual aperture), but with a 7.5mm FOV (15mm FF-equivalent), all I had to do was fix my aperture at f/5.6, set a hyperfocal distance a little before infinity, and everything in the frame about 3 feet and further are in focus…so basically, it’s a very fast lens to shoot with (no need to focus) – just compose and snap.

I’ve owned an UWA-lens before (ZD 9-18 f/4-5.6) and it was a short-lived experiment. I think I’ll hold on to the fisheye for quite some time…



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