11 – flight

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes, I wish I had wings so I could fly.

Note that I say ‘sometimes’, because I don’t know if I’d be ready to give up my arms for the gift of flight. I kind of like having limbs and having the ability to grab onto things with hands…things like steering wheels, because hey, I need to drive. Granted, since this is a fantasy, you may be asking why I can’t have arms AND wings at the same time and you’re also asking why I taunt the gift of flight by enclosing myself in a car and suffering through Southern California traffic. I don’t know. I think that just because it’s a fantasy doesn’t mean it’s going to be scientifically inaccurate, I mean, come on, archaeopetryx had fingers. Also, cars are fun, especially Miatas.

That’s not to say that a human with wings is going to look like a cherub (or putti, for the cognoscenti), but for sure, they won’t look like Icarus – feathers held together by wax is just silly and dangerous.

In any case, maybe  greater than my desire to physically fly…is my desire to figuratively fly. Like, fly away. From problems. Worries. Concerns that need immediate attention.

Sometimes, I wish I could just eschew my responsibilities, fly away, and get a bird’s eye view for some perspective…then come back when I’ve taken it all in.

Maybe R. Kelly had it right. I just need to believe that I can fly. That ought to be enough inspiration.

It’s fight or flight. I can fight my responsibilities, or I can make a futile attempt to escape them, only to have to face them again later.

In any case…the responsibility at hand is my freaking Accounting midterm this weekend. I don’t think it’s going to be hard, but to be honest, I’m halfway through grad school and I’ve seriously hit a wall. I’ve come this far…but I’ve still got soooo much more to do before I graduate next May. It’s taken a toll on me and my family…

Anyway, back to studying.


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