8 – cooked

I’m sometimes a fan of heavily-saturated photos. Sometimes, I think it works when the colors are cooked, though as a photographer, I’m at a disadvantage when the objects in real life are already quite colorful, i.e., farm-fresh strawberries.


Shannon gets the ripest and freshest fruit from our local farmers’ markets every week and since the fruit is fresh, they need to be consumed right away. This isn’t a problem – the two growing kids in our household eat so much. I fear their teenage years, but I generally fear teenagers regardless of their ability to consume mass quantities of organic fruit, but I digress.

3-17Back to color – sometimes, the flowers in our backyard need a little help. I may have overdone the saturation in the picture above, but I dunno. I like it. Truth be told, I didn’t consciously adjust the color – I tweaked the “Vibrance” and “Clarity” adjustments in Lightroom to get the desired look.


But, the color Green is usually pretty easy to get correct. Sara was spraying the plants in the backyard and she pointed out the bubble in the bubble, so I got it before it dripped away.

For all of the macro shots above, I used my trusty Olympus E-1 with the ZD 35/3.5 macro lens. I used either an LED ring light or an off-camera flash to get the exposure correct. I find that also adjusting the Blacks slider to the left in the Tone section of Lightroom helps to add depth when the picture has been effectively flattened by a flash.

Anyway, I felt that I needed a break from square grainy B&W. I always enjoy taking the occasional macro with a good hefty camera – something that means business. The E-1 with SHLD-2 grip, lens, and attached lighting probably weighed about five pounds.

Stable – yes.

Meant to be taken out for candid shots – nope.



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