7 – beaches

3-13We attended the OCTA Bike ‘festival’ in Huntington Beach last Sunday, which was quite disappointing since there really wasn’t much to see, unless you like groups of old men in lots of matching spandex. In reality, it was six informational booths which we quickly breezed through. We did end up on the pier and on the beach instead, which was totally worth it.

3-14Living in Southern California definitely has its benefits. Close proximity to the beach is a benefit that we’re only starting to take advantage of, now that the kids are a bit older. There’s a lot to do at the beach, though logistics are still a nightmare – as a parent, having access to bathrooms and facilities is always something I need…but I’m spoiled, and if I can choose a clean bathroom…well…

3-15In any case, I often take our residence for granted. A *lot* of people dream of going to the beach. We live ten minutes from some of the best beaches I can think of.


2 thoughts on “7 – beaches

  1. You’ve made Southern California look like Britain. That is, in fact, a compliment. I think it’s the high contrast, the pier, the rolled up trousers and the coats. The black and white takes away the distracting warmth (I’m guessing it was at least a bit warm, right?) of the scene, and you’re left looking at the subjects. Nice job.

  2. One of these days, I’d like to end up in the UK and make it look like Southern California!

    Beaches tend to be cold in the morning, though ‘cold’ for us is relative. Thanks for the comment!

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