5 – absorption

3-8Matty is absorbing all of the Calvin and Hobbes books that we have at home. Unfortunately, Matty still hasn’t figured out the difference between fact and fiction. We’re trying to explain that a lot of Calvin’s activities are just imaginary and that Hobbes is imaginary too – but realistically, I don’t think explaining Hobbes as Calvin’s “Tyler Durden” is going to go anywhere.

I sure wish I could absorb reading the way Matty is just soaking it up. I study and study and study, yet, results seem to be fruitless. 😦

Anyway, one final exam down, one more final and a project to go. After my final this past Saturday, I tried to purge myself by going on a long-delayed 30-mile bike ride, but unfortunately, around mile 3, my chain fell off. I had to call Shannon to pick me up – luckily, I wasn’t too far from home yet. So instead, I ran 9 miles and took Turtle Rock and Quail Hill the hard way (gradual uphill), so I’m suffering today and I’ll probably feel it more tomorrow.

To close, here’s a picture of a flower:

3-9I was procrastinating and decided to take some macros in the backyard on Friday. As great as my m4/3 EPM1 kit is, the lack of an optical viewfinder and consistent autofocus for adapted 4/3 lenses (specifically, my ZD 35/3.5 macro) really make me glad that I decided to keep my old behemoth E-1. It’s old and ‘only’ has 5 MP, but the end result is still quite nice to my eyes. Here’s a 1:1 zoom of the picture above:

3-9zoomNot bad for a 10-year old camera with only 5 MP. I performed a little bit of post-processing – just some simple tone curve adjustment, enhanced contrast, and some unsharp mask using Olympus Studio 3 (free software, BTW). The jpeg output of the E-1 is quite good and the native color of the file also provides a good basis for minor tweaks.

I’m straying a bit from my “B&W for 2013” goal for the blog this year. Oh well.


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