2 – unique

3-1Matty loves funky socks. He proudly wears loud, bright, and colorful clothes (just like me). There’s nothing wrong with that. Sara is the same way, however, the difference between the two is that Sara wears outfits while Matty wears clothes.

We raise both of the kids the exact same way, yet one is a diva and the other prefers to be a wallflower.

One *needs* to be doing something with her hands at all times while the other can just sit and disappear into a book.

They’re both unique, which is how I’d want them to be, not just in childhood, but in life.

In other news…I’ve decided that this year, I’m only posting B&W pictures on the blog, specifically, the Olympus grainy B&W art filters – straight from the camera. I’m also going to stick with my pair of Sigma prime lenses (the 19/2.8 and the 30/2.8, but primarily, the 19). I may post an occasional color picture, but I’m focusing on the B&W.

I’m hoping that a single style and a couple of fixed focal lengths will revitalize my photographic creativity.


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