1 – new start

2-37Yet another year has come to an end, and like my kids in the picture above, we’re ready to move on to 2013 (in the picture though, they’re ready to move on after two games of bowling).

I can’t believe that 2012 is done. It *flew* by. So much happened and everything is changing…to the point that I couldn’t keep up with my Project52. My first year, I managed all 52 weeks. For 2012, I only did 36 weeks.

So, I’ve changed the title of this blog. It’s no longer ‘Project52’ – I accept that I can’t update this on a weekly basis. It is what it is.

Resolutions for 2013? I can really only make two.

1. I will try and be more active as long as my body allows me to. I’d like to break 1,000 miles of cycling and 500 miles of running this year. Well, the former is fairly achievable (a 20-mile ride every week), but the latter may not be, unless I can squeeze two 5-mile morning runs every week. It’s possible, but I seriously don’t have the discipline.

2. I will try and find a better way to squeeze in studying for my Masters program – basically, manage my time better and FOCUS. If I study for an hour, that doesn’t mean 10 minutes of studying and 50 minutes of other stuff. Anyway, one semester down, four more to go.

Anyway, that’s it. There’s a new year to look forward to and new changes to embrace. The Serenity Prayer always seems to hit home whenever there is change involved:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

mmmm. Serenity. I’ve got it in my Instant Queue on Netflix.

One thing I know I can’t change – my kids. They’re changing in front of my eyes…and as much as I want to hold on to them and keep them close, I need to let them walk away further and further (figuratively and literally).

Well, on sidewalks, I’ll let them walk away at a safe distance and within line of sight.



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