33 – grainy b&w

I really love the embedded “grainy B&W” art filter in my Olympus PEN E-PM1. I’ve had it in my previous E-620 and E-PL1, but the processing in the E-PM1 is instantaneous (apparently, the new image processor is dual-core, so one core handles image processing and the other core handles image capture), so after capture, I don’t need to wait anymore.

I shoot RAW+JPG all the time so if I capture with the art filter, I still have the RAW file to process if I need to.

The “grainy B&W” art filter is the only one I really use since I’m a fan of B&W pictures. I’ve made several attempts at recreating it using LR3 and Photoshop and even with Nik SilverEfex, but why bother if the art filter does it for me?

I’m also on a triptych kick lately…so bear with me until it gets out of my system.


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