29 – realization

Midterm was this morning and it wasn’t that bad. There were some tricky questions, but good thing I had enough time to read and re-read my answers, though now, I’m wondering if I over-read the questions. Picture above is the Mihaylo Business School…and this morning, it was filled with weekend warriors taking midterms and hopeful undergrads taking GMAT practice tests.

I got to campus early hoping I could spend a couple of hours in the library to review notes, but alas, the library was closed and wouldn’t open until 10:00 AM. This is the downside of CSUF versus UCLA – at UCLA, I knew that at any time of the day, I could get into a library. The Pollak Library at CSUF, by the way, has changed dramatically since 1994. The front facade is still the same, but what was the ‘front’ is now the ‘back’. The entrance and the ‘rear’ facade have a very modern feel…but it’s just grafted on to the old library:

The ‘old’  library is unmistakable. It’s not as unique as Powell Library at UCLA or the Geisel Library at UCSD, but it’s still an imposing and unique building.

Anyway, the point of this post – the midterm was easy. Like i said, there were trick questions, but all in all, it was quite easy. However, was it easy because I studied my ass off for it or was it just plain easy? To be honest, I studied harder for this first midterm than all of the midterms and finals during my undergrad at UCLA. Combined.

Did it just feel like cake because I actually studied?

Studying is hard work. I had several chapters in my book, lecture notes, review questions, practice questions…and I had a difficult time balancing what to focus on and learning concepts that I already know and practice at work (TCP/IP and OSI Model anyone?). I really had to relearn the theory and the “book-smart” of what I feel I already have the practical knowledge for.

But, perhaps the midterm was also easy because I have a context for it. I actually depend on my knowledge of the material that I’m being tested on. The midterm just reinforced what I already know, but at the same time, justified the MSIT program.

I’m in the MSIT program because it will have an impact on my career and my future growth…which will make its way to my family.

Though I’m in the program to help my career, my ulterior motive is to have leverage. If I’m going to continue being a single income earner and guarantee the lifestyle that my family enjoys, I need all the leverage I can get.


Oh, BTW, since I got to campus early, I basically had an entire parking garage to myself. So, I did what any enthusiast would do – I parked on the roof.

Yeah, it’s my Civic. If I still had my BMW or even my Protege5, I would have taken a lot more time with pictures and setting up shots against the ‘industrial’ backdrop. Unfortunately, there’s no way I can make a CPO 2009 Civic LX with an automatic transmission and hubcaps look even remotely cool. The car has no personality. It is reliable, gets good gas mileage, and takes me from A to B, but it just blends in with the other billion Civics in Socal. It’s also gutless, but that’s probably why it gets good gas mileage. Meh.



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