28 – jitters

My first midterm for my MS program is tomorrow and I have pre-midterm jitters. I’ve been studying every moment I can. I got my car’s oil changed today and instead of walking around the showroom, I sat and studied.

I don’t remember studying this hard when I was doing my undergrad at UCLA. We had a “top of the hour” rule, where we could only start studying at the “top of the hour”, so if we missed the top of the hour, we couldn’t study.

How I wasted that time. I only had a few 10+ hour days at work this week, but with work, family, and school, something has to take a hit.

Sleep. Not enough of it.

TV. I haven’t turned it on.

I feel like I’m on borrowed time by writing this blog entry…but writing this somehow relieves some stress…it’s almost 11:00 PM – I think I can study for a few more hours.

Anyway, wish me luck. One hour. 60 questions. Calculator required. Scantron.




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