25 – good enough

I have an Olympus E-1 again. it’s my third time having this camera. I’ve gone through quite a bit of camera gear within the past year but for some reason, I always keep coming back to the E-1. I traded my PEN VF-2 for it. Not a bad trade, if you ask me.

It’s old. It’s big. it’s heavy. It’s only 5 megapixels and with the lens, probably weighs 5 pounds.

BUT, it *feels* invisible. When I bring it to my eye, I don’t feel like I have this behemoth of a camera…it feels like an extension of my vision. Coupled with my favorite ZD 35/3.5 macro lens, my lack of a zoom is actually a benefit since I’m allowed to physically step towards or away from my subject. By having a prime lens that also does 1:1 macro, I really feel like I can connect with whatever I’m taking a picture of. The SHLD-2 battery grip also helps the lens rack in and out of focus considerably faster.

My Olympus PEN EPL1 with Sigma 30/2.8 is still a very good snapshooter and I’ll use that when out and about, but for taking ‘serious’ pictures, I’ll use the E-1.

Is 5 megapixels enough? For me and the way I use my pictures, yes. I hardly print pictures and most of my pictures are downsized to end up on this blog anyway. Besides, if I frame the picture correctly, I won’t need to crop. Any cropping I’ll do will most likely be to convert a 4:3 picture to square format.

Physically, the body is showing its age and the rubber part of the handgrip is coming loose, but no big deal since it has about 20,000 clicks on the shutter that’s meant to last for 150,000.

I’m glad there’s a demand for new technology because people are willing to trade their ‘old’ technology for new technology, allowing me to reap the benefits.

I just need something that’s good enough.


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